3D Murals

Trick Eye Experience @ Monte Carlo

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Monte Carlo Resort and Casino

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3D Murals

Trick Eye Experience @ Monte Carlo

Mural Center Las Vegas creates everything from vintage to traditional to 3D illusionistic murals.  We love designing Trick Eye paintings that take a space from ordinary to otherworldly in a matter of days.  Our illusions are always unique and specific to each client and can be indoor, outdoor, permanent, or temporary.


To maximize the full potential of your space, we also offer creative consulting to determine the imagery that will best serve your unique needs. And, to inform the decision making process, we happily provide lifelike proofs of your venue with its suggested improvements in-place.


For organizations seeking extended value, Mural Center Las Vegas happily offers live “performance installations” of our team creating artwork on-location. Here, we’ll use social media, press releases, and other channels to draw engagement with your brand.

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